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“How to Get a Fast, Consistent, High-gloss CA Pen Finish Every Time!”

Are you struggling to achieve a fast, glossy CA glue finish or CA/BLO finish on your pens? Are you frustrated by the inconsistent results that you get? Are you still searching for a CA pen finish that works perfectly every time?

I know exactly how you feel! I was just about ready to give up on CA all together. The only thing that kept me from doing that was the knowledge that a properly done CA pen finish is faster, more durable, and glossier than any other pen finish out there. I knew I had to figure this thing out.

So I made up my mind to learn everything I could possibly learn about how to finish a pen with CA. I scoured the web, watched videos, asked questions of other pen turners, and read everything I could find on the subject.

I started making a list of things I felt I needed to do to achieve that deep glossy finish that I wanted. Out to my workshop I would go to experiment. I tried every method I had ever heard of, tested this, tweaked that, and learned something new with every attempt. It was a steep learning curve but I was determined to keep going until I got it right.

Over time, I began to understand why my earlier attempts at a CA glue pen finish had failed and how to correct the problems I had been facing.

I still remember the day it all came together for me. I was practicing on a scrap piece of cherry burl and as I implemented the things I had discovered and pieced together from my research and experimentation, it all began to make sense. I thought to myself, “I think I’ve got it this time.” Within 20 minutes, I was looking at the most beautiful, mirror-like finish I had ever produced! I was so excited!

I was almost afraid to try it again for fear that the same old problems would return. You know the ones- mysterious dull spots, cloudy areas, scratches that wouldn’t go away . . . But to my surprise and delight, my next CA finish was just as shiny and fast as the last one. I tried it over and over with the same exhilarating outcome.

I had FINALLY discovered a CA method that gave me consistent, repeatable results!

Since that time, I have used this CA pen finishing method on many pens and wood types with fantastic results. I have finished pens in hot, humid weather as well as weather so cold I had to use a heat lamp to keep my hands from going numb. I can honestly say that I get the same glossy, mirror-like finish every time!

Are you ready to end your frustration with CA finishes?

Maybe you’re in the same place I was. You’re frustrated with CA and looking for a method that works the same way every time and gives you results you can count on. Maybe you’re also not satisfied with the level of gloss and durability that you get with other pen finishing methods. Wouldn’t you love to watch my complete CA pen finish method from beginning to end?! Now you can!


Over a year ago I released a DVD that shows my entire CA pen finishing system from start to finish! The response has been outstanding and many pen turners have emailed me to share their success stories and even photos!

CA pen finish DVD Comments

“One of the best how-to videos I have seen...”

Thank you for such a great video! One of the best how-to videos I have seen. If you can't do a perfect ca finish after watching this you need too find another hobby! Even got a great finish on deer antler last night. I will recommend your DVD to anyone I talk to. Thanks again- Don Ellison”

Clear, understandable presentation

Thanks for a great DVD! I tried your system over the weekend a couple of times...had a great finish! The presentation is clear, understandable, and presented very well videographically. I hope you do well with sales and I'll recommend it to the Palmetto Pen Turners at our next meeting!

“Higher gloss than anything I had previously done (and I've been doing this awhile)...”

“Eric, used your method of applying CA the first time through the finish and had a higher gloss than anything I had previously done, (and I've been doing this awhile) so I tried it again with the same result. My finishes were a consistent smooth, and satin finish, could never get the really high gloss that your method achieves, so thanks for the info. ” - Keith Mitchell

“I really liked the process ...”

“Eric, thank you for the video on your CA method. I found it helpful in achieving a better finish with only CA. I had previously finished most of my pens with CA/BLO, and though I had good results most of the time, it wasn't consistent. I have tried other methods with only CA, but usually ended up with a rough, bumpy surface. Your method of using ********* gave me a smooth surface after each application. I really liked the process, and will continue testing it for the next few weeks. I just finished a PSI Olympian II Elite RB pen, with a Big Leaf Maple Burl blank, and it looks great. Once again, thank you for the great video.” -
Bob McCormick

During my detailed demonstration of the entire CA pen finishing system, I will show you:

bluearrowHow to prepare your pen blank for the CA finish. This one will save you some serious headaches!

bluearrowWhen to sand during the CA finish process and exactly what grit of sandpaper I use (I keep it very simple, by the way).

bluearrowHow many coats of CA to apply plus a fast and easy application method.

bluearrowA super-easy trick to avoid cracking your pen barrel during assembly.

bluearrowHow to buff your pens for maximum gloss.

You’ll even learn these bonus tips and tricks:

bluearrowHow to get the maximum performance out of your mandrel and keep out-of-round to a minimum.

bluearrowThe benefits of finishing between centers and what you need to get started.

bluearrowThe paper towel test: don’t worry about the brand of paper towel you use to apply CA. This little test will show you which type to use.

“Amazing consistent finish...”

I used the new lathe with new mandrels, new super glue and new accelerator and Voila, an amazing consistent perfect finish just like you said. I made three pens and they all came out perfect. Future pens will only get better when I turn on center. I'm sold on the DVD and the techniques. I will mention your DVD to all the pen turners that I meet. ” - David Haggerty

“More than worth the cost...”

The DVD is MORE than worth the cost and full of really good information. I need to watch it a few more times yet to glean everything I can from it.” - Tom Seagrove


Here’s a sneak preview of the type of content you will see on this video:


How much would it be worth to you to have a fast, consistent CA process that gave you a super high gloss finish every time and put an end to your frustration?

When I was searching for a method that would work for me, I know I would have gladly paid over $100 to learn how to get the results that I get now. I was paying $30, $40, and even over $50 for just one high-end end pen kit so it only made sense to put some money toward learning how to give those pens the best finish possible. Plus, I knew that super high-gloss pens will sell better than dull, lackluster ones. The glossy pens make your customer say “Wow! I’ve got to have one of those!” This video will pay for itself if you sell just ONE extra pen because of what it teaches you. If you are willing to pay over $100 like I was, then you’re going to be pleasantly surprised!


All you have to do is cover the cost of shipping and handling ($5.95 almost anywhere in the world) and I’ll send out my 46-minute DVD completely free! If my system does not give you a super high-gloss finish, just email me within 14 days and I will cancel your order and you can keep the DVD. If my system works for you (as I know it will!), you will be billed a one-time payment of only $19.99 after the 14-day trial period. (Actually, I give you 3 weeks before the $19.99 is charged, but since there is the shipping time, you will have more like 14 days to try it out.)

This free trial offer is only for a limited time, so don’t wait. If you’re ready for a fast, easy, and consistent CA pen finish that looks great and sells pens, go ahead and click the blue “Send me the DVD” button to start your free trial today!


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“Best Finishing Instructions I’ve Seen...!”

“I watched your DVD yesterday and finished my best pen blank yet last night. Best finishing instructions I have seen in my four years of turning pens. Simple, easy to follow. Thanks!”
- Glenn Self

End CA Pen finish frustration

Look at this comment posted on a pen turning forum by one of my satisfied customers:

Well, like many said, there are many ways to skin a cat, I'm getting "super consistent" results with the method this guy has, you buy the DVD as I did and watch, follow and voila...! end of the CA nightmare...!
Note: No affiliation or monetary gains of any kind, with the DVD author...!”


Do you want results like these?

Murray Nelson, one of my customers, sent me these pictures of some pens he had completed after watching my DVD. Murray said, “Hi Eric, Thought I'd send a few photos of the pens I've done since receiving your CA finishing video. VERY PLEASED W/ YOUR TECHNIQUE!! Murray”

CA Finish results
CA Pen finish results
Glossy CA pen finish
High-gloss CA Finish

Pens are not the only thing you can finish with my system.
One customer sent in this comment and photo:

 “Hi Eric, Thanks for making such a good video. I have used your technique about a half a dozen times and it works great!! I have made four pens with the technique. I have also "modified" the technique and it has allowed me to finish other items. I have included pictures of the Rockler bottle opener kit I just completed. Thanks again! - Joe Jaszczak”


A few more recent testimonials... (by the way, I did not ask for any of the testimonials on this page. These satisfied customers just emailed me these comments voluntarily!)

“... mirror finish like I had never been able to achieve before!”

I would like to thank you for making available your CA finish procedure with all of us pen turners. The small amount you charge for the excellent DVD is well worth the price. After viewing your DVD a few weeks ago I went out to my shop and put a CA finish on a pen blank following your instructions exactly as you had demonstrated. It turned out perfect!! It was very smooth, clear and had a mirror finish like I had never been able to achieve before. Since then I have turned and finished five pens and also disassembled and refinished two pens that I had used a different CA procedure on. They all turned out fantastic. You’re right…..It does make pen turning fun again.Thank you,
Charles Martz”

“This is the easiest finish I have ever done! I just wish I had learned it sooner ...”

“I bought your CA finish video and my results were fantastic. This is the easiest finish I have ever done. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the results. I followed your video step by step and ended up with the most beautiful finish I have ever created. I just wish I learned sooner, I would have loved to put the finish on some of my older pens. Great video - thank you”
-John Cronin

“Your video has helped my pen finishing tremendously.”
- Todd Trebuna

“I get more complements from other turners than I ever thought I would!”

“I have been getting the best results with your technique. I get more complements from other turners than I ever thought I would! Thanks for making this video and I pass on the information all the time. Thanks”
-Tom Stone

“It's foolproof...!”

“I want to thank you for the video. Your method has worked for me each and every time. It's foolproof if you follow your directions!”
-John Leslie

“I do love your method...”

“I do love your method and have used it with great results. I use your CA finishing method for nearly every pen I do.”
-Larry Lewis

“I think everybody should at least have a look at it!”

“Your video is extremely useful. I think everybody should at least have a look at it. It upgraded my own pen making to new heights!”
-Marius van Zijl

Here’s my personal guarantee to you:

My Unconditional Guarantee:GuaranteeSeal copy

I want you to watch my DVD and try my system for yourself for 14 days before you pay for it. That will give you enough time to see for yourself if my system really works or is just a bunch of hype. If my system does not work for you or you are in any way and for any reason dissatisfied, you can cancel your order within 14 days of the initial order and I will not charge you one penny (apart for the initial $5.95 for shipping) and you can keep the DVD. I don’t know how to be any more fair than that!


Still not convinced? That’s OK, all you have to do is say “maybe”........... try my system for 14 days. If you are not thrilled with your results; if you feel that it was a waste of time and money, you can change your “maybe” to an emphatic “no”, and get a full refund (minus shipping) and keep the DVD for your trouble. So what are you waiting for?! To end your CA pen finishing nightmare and get fast, consistent results, click below to start your FREE trial.



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